DIY Christmas Crafts: Making a Gift from Santa

Diy Christmas Crafts Making a Gift

If you need a good idea for diy Christmas crafts – make this cute Santa as a gift.

You can use Santa and his suck as the candy dishes or just for home/room decorations.

It is very easy to make this project and add to your diy Christmas crafts collection:

Here is a list of materials:

Two plastic bottles (0,5 L)




Duct tape

Styrofoam ball

Insulation tape

Curling ribbon

Hot glue gun

Easy DIY Christmas Tree for Kids Crafts

Kids Crafts Christmas Tree

Today you’ll learn how to make easy diy Christmas tree for kids crafts. Any child can make it for a few minutes!

Just help him to cut out few circles out of mesh ribbon with different diameters and make a hole inside a plastic bottle cup. That’s it! Whole other craft your child can do along.

This easy diy Christmas tree for kids crafts maybe a good school project. Also your child can keep it for his room decoration or table.

Stay with me and in a short time you’ll see more easy diy Christmas tree crafts for kids in my blog.

Best out of Waste Christmas Tree – Craft Ideas

Best out of Waste Christmas Tree

Yesterday I got wonderful best out of waste craft ideas and made a Christmas tree.

It is unbelievable how many varieties of Christmas tree we can do out of… drinking straws!

For this best out of waste project you’ll need any size, colors and types of drinking straws, plastic bottle cups and scissors. It is easy and cheap! Isn’t it?

With these simple tools and materials you can create awesome best out of waste Christmas tree just in few minutes.

Just follow my simple instructions inside this video:

You can also watch this best out of waste video on my youtube channel.